Gold Spec. Tippers

Paul McGowan Grab Hire welcomes new ‘Gold’ spec tippers to the fleet

The company have recently taken delivery of three new DAF CF tipper wagons that set a new standard for any new vehicles being entered into the fleet. 

The vehicles feature all the safety features of our current fleet that includes 4 way recording cameras, in cab reversing monitors, side rails, warning signage, class V and VI mirrors, turn left audio warning and reverse audio warning.

The vehicles also feature Astra’s Clearview lower passenger door window for extra visibility of venerable road users from the driver’s seat, automatous braking and an on-board weighing system to ensure loads are accurate and within limits. 

These new features go above and beyond what is required for our fleet safety accreditation level ‘FORS Gold’. 

The company aims to ensure that any new vehicles entering service meet this specification.

Paul McGowan Grab Hire prides itself on its state of the art fleet and will continue to invest in new technologies that improve safety on the roads for all users.